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why app depelopment

iOS and Android

Customer experience for mobile is more important to you business than you might think. Mobile applications have created the new standard for building up a connection with customers.

Depending on your business objectives and overall product goals we can help you in getting a mobile application designed.

how we get started

Few Simple Steps
That We Follow

Project Introduction

We take inputs on how you want the mobile application and document it.

Technology Research

We do research and find the best technology stack for your application.

Project Delivery

Before the committed deadline, we will deliver your mobile application.

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Available Options

Native Apps

Native apps are our favorite type of mobile apps and are downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. What distinguishes native apps from mobile web and hybrid apps is that they are developed for specific devices. Android apps are written in Java and iPhone apps are written in Objective-C and Swift.

The advantage of choosing a native app is that it is the fastest and most reliable when it comes to user experience. Native apps can also interact with all of the device’s operating system features, such as the microphone, camera, contacts lists, etc. However, a bigger budget is required if you want to build your app for multiple platforms (i.e. iPhones and Android) and to keep your native app updated.

Web-Based Apps

Web applications are basically websites with interactivity that feels similar to a mobile app. Web apps run in multiple browsers — such as Safari or Chrome — and are written in HTML5 and/or Javascript. If you are on a budget and doesn’t require complex functionalities or access to operating system features, then getting a web app can be the least expensive option.

The downside is that web apps can be slower, less intuitive, and inaccessible through app stores. Additionally, your users won’t have your web app’s icon automatically downloaded to their home screens, so they won’t be constantly reminded to use your app.

Hybrid Apps

A hybrid app combines elements of both native and web applications. Hybrid apps can be distributed through the app stores just like a native app, and they can incorporate operating system features. Like a web app, hybrid apps can also use cross-compatible web technologies.

Hybrid apps are typically easier and faster to develop than native apps. They also require less maintenance. On the other hand, the speed of your hybrid app will depend completely on the speed of the user’s browser. This means hybrid apps will almost never run as fast as a native app runs.

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